The right place for your event

The Italian restaurant Aromi offers both individual and corporate clients the chance to rent unique facilities. This separate section of the restaurant is 132 m2, and includes a bar and fully equipped professional kitchen. The lovely atmosphere is complemented with art pieces and a view of the beautiful green Aromi garden. The alternate space has several sections including a bar, serving tables and seating for the guests.

What do we offer?

The main room has a seating capacity of around 80 guests. We can seat another 50 guests in the garden, and we have standing room for another 50. We can create a smoking area in the garden, if required. The options for our other space are limitless. We have hosted press conferences, product presentations, private parties, weddings an christening parties.

Price policy of Aromi meeting point consist of 4 elements: 

  • Rent: Price is arranged separately for inside rooms and separately for garden. Rent is time limited and price is determined from preffered time of rent. 
  • Catering: Includes selected packages and consumption is charged per person.
  • Staff: We can meet the above-standard requirements, as well as ensure the presence of a sommelier or hostess.
  • Additional services: We offer some free services (wifi, dressing room) and some that the customer can order (gift packages, decorations, sound system, floral decoration)

Corporate use

Private use

Use the lounge with different seatings

In Aromi restaurant we offer various possibilities how to set up the seating to suit the need of your event. The seating plan is displayed in those blueprints.

General seating set up

Served dinner


Catering during our events

The result of every event is evalueted also by the food served.
In terms of Aromi meeting point you can use offer our chefs prepared.